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To unearth a brand’s future, look toward the past.

What we can’t wait to see at Digital Summit Detroit 2019

How to Make an RFP Not Feel Like an RFP

Great branding favors the bold

The Billboard Isn’t Dead

Agency organization: a complex and choreographed dance

What is a brand?

Get uncomfortable: tips on abandoning the plug-and-play model

Strong brand voices are made, not born

Culture is a set of habits

Welcome to the Player Empowerment Era

The power of vulnerability

5 Ways Advertising Agencies Can Prepare for the Future

The Women Who Shaped Us

Bringing Your Brand to Life: An Inside-Out Approach

The Power of Relentlessly Positive Brands

What We’ll See in 2019.

The Narrative – A Data Analyst’s Best Friend

Takeaways from the Women in Leadership Conference

A positive community force, transformed.

AF Group partners with Phire Group to share comeback stories

Passion, Purpose, Performance

Preparing your brand for constant and rapid change.

Engaging Dealers For a Better, Thriving Product Marketing Strategy

The Ads Have Eyes, But Strong Brands Have Heart

The brand of the future looks very, very different.

Notes From the 3%

Winning Brands Don’t Swing for the Fences. They Keep Hitting Singles.

Why we built the anti-agency agency.

Wasn’t hard to find inspiration on our latest trip to Austin. #austin #texas #inspiration #phiregroup #phire #keepaustinweird #graffitiart #art #streetart #workisfun #hasthags


Phire Group names Youth Arts Alliance! as winner of BonPhire initiative

Congrats to @Tedxuofm and their incredible speakers last night. It was a privilege to work with you. #tedx #tedtalks#branding #AnnArbor#UniversityofMichigan#dreamersanddisruptors #tedxuofm #UofM

New Brand, New Future: PGT Inc Becomes PGT Innovations

A hidden jewel, hidden no longer.

Great works throughout the world.

Researching safely.

Revolutionizing medical education.

#phirewall #concepting #design #website #websitedesign #creative

#phirewall #concepting #design #iconography #monoline #illustration #vector #advertising #creative

#phirewall #concepting #brainstorming

Stop asking what you do. Start asking why you do it. Then, and only then, you’ll start to build an authentic brand.

#phirewall #concepting #brainstorming

#phirewall #concepting #brainstorming

#PhireWall #concepting #brainstorming


#PhireWall #fallingupandgettingdown #ums

A few often-missed keys to marketing? Stories and empathy. Stories show who & how you’ve served. Empathy proves that you’ve learned from it.

Investing and believing in Flint and beyond.

Moving a community forward.

A new look at early childhood education.

Fresh ink. AF Group annual reports just came in.

Our crew spent the day volunteering at @foodgatherers. Not a rotten apple in the bunch.

Connecting our community with solutions.

Research on a new scale.

Four distinct brands. One holding company. One website.

Eight steps to a customer movement.

The Leaders and Best in healthcare.

Spot, tag, post. #ypsireal

The only BBQ sauces worthy of the #clancys_fancy name, available now. #stockup

A grassroots movement to support our local senior citizens.

Listen, listen, listen – then act. Then listen, listen, listen again.

Digitally printed gold metallic on these #uofmichigan Victors for the Arts #nyphilharmonic invitations. #goldisthenewblack 

Fresh look for #umichmedschool 24 Hours in Blue Interview Day.

It’s official. The #UMS 2015-16 season is underway.

Culture has to be scalable. An organization or brand cannot be based on one individual. It must be in the air, in the walls, in the DNA.

Amazing things start here.

Simplifying the complex.

Creating a movement.

Blog: New marketing > old marketing.

Rebranding the intersection of the University of Michigan and dynamic companies everywhere.

The blurring lines of B-to-B and B-to-C.

New brand. New website. The shots from the photoshoot look amazing in the site layout. #sneakpeek

Poster concepts for The Big Squeeze: An Accordion Summit.

The new #merillat branding work cleaned up at the DMAD awards the other week.

Taste testing some secret BBQ sauces in the works for one of our favorite clients #clancysfancy

Fresh coat of paint on the Phire station. Stop by and check it out.

Testing out the new meeting space.


Analyze your competition carefully. Not for what they’re doing. But for what they never thought to try.

A brand can no longer be merely created. It must be infused.

#throwbackthursday remembering the #Merillat retro kitchen from #KBIS2014

Pick a color, any color. Our new #moo business cards are in. #printfinity

The new #flocktag #parallaxscrolling site has launched. Check it out at and download the app.

There is a difference between communicating and engaging. Communicating starts with you. Engaging starts with your audience. #EngageMore

Blog post: Spinning out of control.

#UMS single ticket brochures just arrived. Hitting mailboxes soon. #bepresent

Brainstorming for our new client. Can’t wait to share to the final project. Until then…it’s back to work. 

Behind the scenes at the ThinkStretch photoshoot with photographer Benjamin Weatherston. Getting some awesome shots.

Putting our brains to work with a company focused on young brains.

That old retail punch card, revolutionized.

#blacknotegraffiti is rocking TOP at #A2SF tonight. You might just recognize the drummer from his day job.

New print samples are in. Used some cool print techniques on this one and it came out beautiful. Thanks to Ulitho for the extra effort on this one.

Photoshoot at the office today. Getting some great shots for the new @phiregroup website. Special thanks to the guys for snapping pics.

Positioning requires you to claim who you are. But also requires you to go through the hard work of admitting who you’re not.

At the #A2SF bropo press check. Mainstage announcement coming soon. Stay tuned to

A4 Anesthesia: New brand. New gravity to their organization.

“I am not affected by advertising”, is usually said by the guy with the name brand phone, watch, car, clothes, etc. Yes you are. We all are.

Spotted some of the CAKE #gigposters we designed for #A2SF around town. Getting excited for the show June 15 at Hill Auditorium. #cakeband

To emulate your competitors is to fail. Don’t become a version of them. Invent. Motivate. Differentiate. Transcend.

Blog post: Campaign thinking v. brand thinking.

Almost game time. Projecting the #WorldCup #USA vs. #Belgium game on the wall at the office. #multitasking #Brasil2014

Large sitemap in the works. Just love simplifying the complex for clients. Next up…wireframes.

Sneak peek of the new, improved, even spicier #clancysfancy site.

75 years of architectural history. From one of the best on the planet.

Love the smell of fresh ink. Samples of the #UMS Ford Honors Program invitations featuring @WyntonMarsalis & @jalcNYC just arrived.

#phiregroup is celebrating big our 16th birthday today. We’re tossing out our permit and leaving mom at home. #licensetodrive

72 degrees and sunny. We’ll be brainstorming at Comerica Park today. #tigers

Ross Marketing Professor Rajeev Batra on How to Build Brand Love at the #PositiveBusinessConference

Finishing off a great week at happy hour next door. Feel free to join us. #heidelberg #cricket

The largest study of its kind on one of the most important topics imaginable.

An extraordinary school deserves an extraordinary brand.

A search engine for 130+ years of performances. A wealth of information, presented simply.

A simple, fun explanation of the University of Michigan Athletic Department’s finances. Taking the mystery out of athletics.

Check out the latest site we launched for HKS. It’s an initiative to reach out and discuss how architecture enhances the human experience:

What’s going on in the world of arts and culture? Look no further.

Humanity and approachability, brought to patent licensing.

A company that gives you what you deserve gets what they deserve: a brand to match.

Your brand will have the tendency to drift off course. Always go back to your brand foundation document. It is your true north.

Helping create a story and a website for a dynamic, growing, successful company.

The power of positive branding. At the Ross School of Business.

Behind the scenes at the #umich video shoot. Getting some beautiful footage. #GoBlue

2013 A2SF: the year of light. Movement. And technology.

We’ve gotta be the only group that starts their morning meetings with #ALF saying, “Let’s go check out the fridge.”

Amazing food from a quirky company that’s about to rule the quick service restaurant world.

Reviving and energizing a brand that can be found… well, everywhere.

A complex brand becomes clean, simple, organized. And focused. Start here.

Nothing beats authenticity in a brand. If a brand is real and honest, nothing needs to be invented or created. Merely unearthed.

Changing the course of an entire organization.

When a brand finally finds its true self, it is free to find its true customers. Until then… good luck.

Bringing care and humanity to emergency medicine.

The creative mind should always be open. However, it should be made aware that its target’s mind rarely is.

Disrupting the home organization category. Big time.

Reinventing the business school brand experience.

The #1 mistake companies make when communicating: looking in the mirror instead of looking out the window. Think about customers. Not you.

We do not persuade. We do not convince. We expose people to truth, and let them persuade and convince themselves.

A fresh, clean look at the world of architecture.

It started as a website project. It ended up transforming their entire company in every way.

Note to marketers: People are twice as smart as you think they are. People are half as patient as you think they are.

A large but quiet credit union, now with a bold voice.

Listening. Is. Everything.

A blog post.

Great branding is the ability to see forests while affecting trees.

Blog post: The best marketers in the world are highly skeptical of its effects.

Artificial intelligence meets brand intelligence.

Technology is not a marketing strategy. It’s a means. And if overly used, a crutch.

Blog post: Building demand for demand.

Your neighborhood coffee shop just went big time.

The Catch-22 of marketing: doing what is proven is unoriginal. Doing what’s completely original is unproven. Risk. Reward.

When internal thinking drives external communications.

Helping our local public schools thrive.

The brand of a legend, driven by millions of fans.

Reimagining a cabinet brand. And what it stands for.

A inconsistent software brand, organized and brought beautifully together.

Delectable eats. Delectable brand. Life is sweet.

In a customer’s eyes, there is no greater attribute a brand can embody than unrelenting honesty.

Can a local hot sauce go from home spun to a national force? Yes, they cayenne.

Blog post: The answer is simple.

The largest wrestling supplier in the nation. Now even bigger.

Rebranding: internal v. external.

How do you tell a complex technical story in a simple, easy-to-digest manner? We can do that.

You cannot defend what you cannot define.

Saving energy through social research and a grassroots effort.

Making healthcare consulting look and feel fresh and innovative.

Simplifying and giving voice to the organization that’s making a better Michigan.

Fresh pasta + fresh thinking, straight from our noodles.

3 resorts. 9 golf courses. 13 restaurants. 117 ski slopes. 1 brand. What are you up for?

A story of the little agency that could. And did.