Cleary University

February 8, 2012

Cleary University is a business-oriented school founded in 1883. They came to us with a brand recognition problem – very few people in the area knew who they were or what they were about. Through our process, we discovered the problem was one of perception. In the past, they were focusing on things like history and how they were like other universities instead of looking at what made them different and special. We spoke to them internally. We did an extensive survey of students, alumni, and prospects. We studied competitors. What we uncovered was a University that was operating very much like the most successful businesses in the country: efficient, direct, and focused on today’s issues, strong technology, and incredible customer service. We uncovered a University that was leaning toward the future, yet communicating their past.   cleary-logos-2a   We reinvented them. Changing everything from their position to how they perceived themselves, to affecting their direction moving forward. We changed their marketing infrastructure by upgrading their website and starting an aggressive campaign expressed through outdoor, radio, TV, digital, environmental communications, and more. We made their printed materials more focused, allowing them to do much more with less. Within the first year of working with Cleary, we more than exceeded their enrollment goals. And today, they are poised to continue to claim their position as a smarter, more customer-centric business school for today’s knowledge-based, connected, and rapidly evolving world. Founded in 1883. Created for now. cleary-brand_panels-1    cleary-brand_panels-3 cleary-brand_panels-4 cleary_university-tshirts-1   cleary_university-tshirts-2 cleary-misc cleary_university-connection_magazine-2   cleary_university-connection_magazine-1