Emerson School

April 12, 2014

Emerson is a private school for gifted children in the Ann Arbor area. They approached us in need of a refreshed brand – one that presented the true reality of the institution.




We rejected the idea that a school for young children should include bright colors or metaphors. The parents AND the children deserve to be treated as the intelligent humans they are. Therefore, we transformed the brand into one that was catered toward environment and outcome.





During our process, we learned that this was truly a special place. They didn’t just nurture kids – they helped create the whole self, and did so with amazing success as their students went on to Ivy League schools and incredible futures.

We moved them away from the typical platitudes and clichés that run rampant in their world, and moved toward a fact-based brand that delivered truths. We also delivered useful tools and infrastructure that would be used by their students and parents, and appreciated by prospects.

In addition to the brand shift, we helped execute a new website, new materials, and helped the school see themselves in a brand new way.

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