Michigan Municipal League

April 8, 2008

The Michigan Municipal League (MML) serves as a voice for Michigan communities, providing them advocacy and support at the state and federal level.

We conducted extensive interviews of both their internal team and external members. They were perceived as slow, old fashioned and ineffective. The League lacked a system to communicate with their members in a more immediate manner, relying on traditional printed communications (postcards and newsletters).

We worked closely with their team to assure that their new direction and energy came through in the brand materials. We developed a new logo and tagline to bring this energy to the fore.

mml-logo_before               mml-logo_after

We set about developing a brand and position that was more forward-looking and progressive. To help make this aspiration a reality, we developed a means for the League to reach their members in a more consistent and meaningful manner. Through technology, we were able to put in place systems to allow for a nearly immediate dialogue between League and members.

Through a collaborative effort, we were able to deliver on the vision of making the League a progressive operator of change for communities within Michigan. The League is now considered to be one of the most progressive agencies of any state, in both brand perception and reality.

“Phire was a huge difference maker in our organization. The process not only changed our appearance, it changed our attitude and raised our expectations.”

-Dan Gilmartin, Executive Director