POET - People Organizing Every Thing

February 8, 2012

HMS, a manufacturer of home goods, came to us with a new category of product: a soft cloth organization system.

We were brought on to create its brand from scratch. We worked with them to do deep research into their potential customers, look at their vast universe of competitors, personify their audience, and then build the brand materials.

Through our work, we uncovered a void in the marketplace. Despite the fact that decisions were made almost exclusively by women, the category was markedly male-driven and generic.




We created POET: People Organizing Every Thing, and gave it a feminine, high-end, fashion brand look and feel. We applied it to packaging, to sales materials, to online presence, and to in-store materials. And we paid attention to the details: if you look closely at the naming scheme and copy, it all rhymes.

The result? Lowe’s picked it up almost immediately, and it continues to gain momentum and success.