September 16, 2015

The Southeast Michigan Senior Regional Collaborative is a network of 26 organizations serving the needs of senior citizens in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties as they face barriers to successfully maintaining themselves in home- and community-based settings. They approached us to help create a campaign that celebrates seniors and their contributions to the greater community.


Main objective of project

With only a small budget, build excitement and momentum around the senior community in order to call attention and create a rallying cry in order to affect policy decision.




Their primary audiences are policy makers and their influencers. It is also the greater community as well.



Create a grassroots-driven campaign based on storytelling that displays seniors who are active and compelling based on a nomination system.

Turning those stories into materials to share and spread. Utilizing the dozens of member organizations to adopt the brand and give them a toolbox of materials to use on their own.

Keeping execution costs to near zero as the campaign becomes largely social in execution.




Just initiated a highly successful launch. Stay tuned.