AF Group

Building awareness through comeback stories.

Workers’ compensation and specialty insurance leader AF Group and its subsidiary brands are innovating the way insurance is delivered. Although the majority of American workers receive this essential employee benefit, common misconceptions about the role and benefits of workers’ compensation persist. AF Group desired to bring greater understanding about this insurance and to share how a true workers’ compensation partner can have a positive impact on policyholders’ lives in this evolving industry.

As AF Group’s agency partner for the past four years, Phire Group developed an integrated marketing campaign that focuses on real-life stories that demonstrate how AF Group’s family of brands is effectively protecting policyholders and enhancing the lives of injured workers.

The “Proud sponsor of comeback stories” campaign.

The “Proud sponsor of comeback stories” campaign, shared from the injured worker’s perspective, spotlights how individuals were able to get back to work and back to life following a workplace injury. AF Group was also able to share what’s in store for the future as they continue to evolve and improve access to their expertise and insurance offerings.

AF Group spokesperson Bob Lapinski.

“Partnering with our valued agents to create safe workplaces has been our strength for more than 100 years. Along with this, our commitment to getting injured workers back to life in the fullest capacity possible has been our ongoing passion, and something our compassionate teammates are committed to every day.”

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