Merillat Cabinetry, a leading brand in cabinets, was going through a major transition. After years of declining market share, a consumer-centric strategy was proving too costly and was not yielding results. We engaged with them to help understand the problems and to find opportunities. What we uncovered was an amazing history, and an untapped passion – one shared by long-time employees and customers alike.


We performed one-on-one interviews with people both internally, and with some of their long-time customers. We quickly pinpointed the issues – and the opportunities.


Through an engaging position, we were able to bring the organization back in tune with its true self, combined with an inspiring way forward: a position that would ultimately affect every aspect of the company.

“We are America’s Cabinetmaker”
as a tagline intended to do two things:

1. Reclaim their crown

2. Create and engage with a greater audience – making customers a major part of the “We”.


Through brand summits and forums, we helped quickly turn the ship. Engaging employees and customers alike, we used their voice to help re-create the brand. The first step was creating a look and feel that combined the past with the present to build a brand representative of the future.


Our work did more than help inform their brand – it inspired a new way of working, thinking, hiring, and planning. Every move is now made through the lens of the new brand – is it the right thing to do? Is it on brand? Are we straying from our purpose? The result has been the holy grail every organization searches for: spend less, create better results, and build a loyal, engaged customer core.

As a part of the extensive process to rejuvenate our brand, we worked with our longtime partner Phire Group to help us articulate our innovative history and the values of our visionary leader and founders, Orville and Ruth Merillat. Their story and philosophy have become foundational to the brand’s DNA, and Phire Group was instrumental in helping us to bring this heritage to life. Since the relaunch of the brand, there has been a positive shift in our brand perception as well as in our internal culture. We greatly value not only the creative and strategic thinking they bring, but also the relationship we have built over many years.

Jessica Egerton
Director of Marketing