Ypsilanti Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Creating a movement.

The City of Ypsilanti looked to us to better define the entire city experience. But we wanted to go beyond the “city motto” or “destination brand.” We set our sights higher: we wanted to engage the entire community in finding what made it special. Unique. Unabashedly Ypsilanti. In a place full of historic misconceptions, we found people who were passionate, motivated, independent… and real.

We performed one-on-one interviews with community leaders. We performed focus groups. We engaged with professional groups. We did man-on-the-street interviews. We tested creative.

Ultimately, we found a city with independent businesses. With creative thinkers. With an entrepreneurial mindset. With a deep history and the museums and artifacts to back it up. In a world where cities are becoming more and more homogenized, we found a place that was authentic on every level. And then we created an “unbrand” to help package it all. Welcome to YpsiReal.